Tru Earth Laundry Strips – Review

It was probably when I got pregnant with Brooks that I started to take a more serious look into the products that were coming into our home. When I first had Pearce I was so focused on just being a good mom, and make sure he was hitting all the mile stones, I never considered that products that were coming into our home weren’t good.

Last year during the Covid Quarantine, I started to spend more time focusing on how products I buy affected the environment. I wanted to learn about where are food came from, what actually happened with products once I put it in my recycling bin, and how I could make small changes to improve the environment.

During this time I was introduced to Tru Earth Laundry Strips, I think my favorite thing about the strips was that it came in a cardboard box, and that I didn’t have to measure! Something I’ve always hated when doing the laundry – other than actually doing the laundry is having to measure. So when I found out you just put the strip into the washer it seemed to good to be true. But it wasn’t, you put strip in and it dissolved, no residue was left on our clothes and it smelt great.

In a front load washer you rip up and place into the detergent slot. Or place in the drum before clothes.

There are so many great features about the strips, before you even talk about how it actually cleans your clothes and leaves them smelling fresh.

  1. The actual package takes up very little space – unlike a jug or box of other detergents.
  2. All their packaging is recyclable.
  3. The ingredients are safe and eco friendly, phosphate free, biodegradable, hypoallergencic, and 1, 4-dioxane free

This time around we also got their eco friendly produce bags which I love, because they are super easy to wash and dry, they come with multiple sizes so it is easy for you to fit all your goodies. I also love that I am no longer using the plastic store produce bags and am in turn using less plastic. The produce bags are machine washable for easy reusing.

If you are looking to reduce your waste, use more eco-friendly product or generally just want to give the eco-laundry strips a try I suggest you do. You will not be disappointed, and you will be helping the environment. Check them out online, on Instagram and on Facebook.


xOx Chelsea


250 nights with Endy!

When I go back to thinking about our life before we brought Endy home, I honestly have nightmares. I know you’re thinking that it probably wasn’t as bad as I am making it sound, but it honestly was.

We had been dealing with Pearce not sleeping through the night for 3-4 months. Constantly crawling into my husband and my bed, and seriously ruining all 3 of our sleeps. My husband and I have a queen size bed, so not a ton of extra room then you had a 4 year old who moves around like he is in a circus in his sleep and it makes for 2 grumpy parents and one sassy 4 year old. When I would put Pearce to bed I hated laying on his bed, it killed my back, the mattress was so firm and so uncomfortable, that I honestly knew he needed another one.

I knew I wanted to get him a quality mattress to help us all, and I refuse to advocate for things that I don’t love. So when our friends told us they had recently gotten an Endy mattress for themselves I tested it out. It was amazing!!! I couldn’t believe how comfy it was, she even put down a plate of snacks she had in her hand and had me jump – nothing moved! I knew that getting Pearce their mattress would save us all!

In July we got Pearce a new loft bed, and a new Endy Mattress, the box came literally the day after ordering it. Pearce was so excited about his new mattress, he couldn’t believe that it had come from a box! On the first night I was so surprised when I woke up in the morning and my bed was just my husband and I. I immediately rushed into Pearce’s room and made sure he was there. He was, sound asleep and when he woke up, he said “Mom, my new bed is so comfy I love it.” At that point I knew that for months Pearce had been uncomfortable in his old bed and that we had made the right decision to bring this bed home.

Here we are 8 months later and Pearce still sleeps in his bed every night, he picked out a space themed room for his new bed, and likes to pretend that his bed is his space ship, where he peers out the window with his telescope and dreams of universes far far away.

I had also heard so much about how great Endy pillows were for side sleepers that I got some of those as well. They have honestly changed my life, I used to wake up aching from sleeping on my side and my neck not being properly supported. I tried going to the chiropractor, massage therapist nothing could cure it. When I slept on my Endy pillow it truly gave me the support I needed to get a good nights rest. We loved their pillows so much that we just purchased more to replace our other pillows. In your life time you will spend 26 years sleeping, which adds up to 227,760 hours, why spend that uncomfortable?

I know that when we transition Brooks into his big boy bed, that we will be getting him an Endy Mattress, and hopefully I can convince my husband we need to get a new one too! The best part for me about Endy, is that I am bringing home something that is made in Canada, all their mattresses are made in Canada, so you can feel good about what you lay down on every night. Support Canadian businesses and get a better night’s sleep all in one – a year ago I would have thought this was too good to be true, and now I know it’s just Endy!

xo Chelsea