My Services

It goes without saying that no two clients are searching for the same package, so when you review the below packages, please keep in mind that I do create packages off what you see below, and pricing is based off what exactly you are looking for.

What i offer

Social Media Posts

Social media posts, can be a few different things. Option 1 it is a picture provided by you that I share on my social media platform. Option 2 I create the content, and share on my social media platform, this can be a video or picture. Pricing is based on which option you decide as well as how many platforms you want shared on.

product review

Do you have a great product and you need more people to know about it? A product review is a great idea for you. All product reviews are honest, so if I do not like the product or the product is not for me, that will be shared. I will try out the product and write an honest review for my followers. Pricing based on length of trial, if review is just social media or blog as well, and type of product.

Sponsored posts

Do you want a sponsored post – Create your own guidelines of what you want, where it will be shared, and what you are looking for in the content. This helps you grow, and will be shared as sponsored content on my social media. Please note that paid advertisement is an option as well. Pricing dependent on guidelines provided.

blog features

A blog feature is a 4-5 paragraph blog post about your business, or services that you provide. It can be written off interview questions or off material provided. This will come along with 1 large feature photo, and a minimum of 4 other pictures to go with the blog. Blog pricing will be done based on size, social media sharing platforms, and content provided.


Giveaway has a few different options. Option 1, you provide a product and we do a giveaway on social media. Option 2, we write a blog and do a giveaway. All giveaways require that the my followers follow you with a minimum product value of $75. Pricing dependent on option etc.

social media management

Do you run a business and struggle to keep up with your social media? Not sure what hashtags or captions to use for your posts? Let me help! I can take your social media from a drab, non cohesive place to a very esthetically pleasing, growing platform. – all pricing is dependent on amount of posts/month and what content is being made or provided. To see more about this, please check out


Nikki lashes

Social Media Account Management

Currently managing Instagram account

The middle Place market

Blog Feature & Giveaway

Detailed blog feature with giveaway at the end. Blog posted on all social media platforms.

capshield product review

Social Media post

Review product and post 1 social media post on Instagram/ Facebook.

Lovely finds market

Blog feature

Tested out 4 products and completed a giveaway, as well as a full blog feature.



A series of social media posts, over the course of 2 weeks to boost Hales End Farms social out reach as a new blueberry farm in the Fraser Valley.

direct food store campaign

Social Media Sponsorship

Engage in their online store and purchased product. Documented the experience from purchasing the food, to having it delivered to creating a delicious recipe with the farm fresh ingredients.

Let’s make something together.