Before I fall РLauren Oliver Рbook review 

One of the things I want to start doing more of is reading, I often find myself aimlessly watching tv and digging into a new show. But I don’t want to create this habit for my family. I want to spend less time watching tv and more time enjoying my family.

Something Pearce and I love to do is read books together. Pearce has never really liked having books read to him, he’s more into you reading separate books beside each other on the couch. So I wanted to take advantage of Pearce’s love for books and start reading more. I have read a few really great books lately so I decided to do a quick review without giving too much detail about some of these books in the hopes that we can all show are child that tv isn’t always the best way to spend time.

So here goes:

What first attracted me to this book was the fact that it had recently become a movie. Something extremely satisfying for me is finishing a great book and watching the movie and seeing who the characters were depicted as. This book I saw the preview before I began reading so I pictured the main character as the girl from the movie but I didn’t pay attention to who the other characters were so then I got to makeup in my head and I’d say none of them were depicted how I pictured.

The book starts out from the perspective of a popular girl who is friends with the “it” crowd. Often you read about their taunting and teasing of the other less popular people. There are so many issues in this book that I want to address, because I think that’s what the author was looking for to address issues from the other perspective. So often we see bullying from the victim’s perspective – you will read about it from the bully’s perspective in this book.

What repercussion does our actions have on people? To me this was the main point I think the author wanted to present. One action can cause 1000 ripples in other people’s day and our own. The book follows the character replaying the same day over and over again for an unknown reason. Slowly we see the character change, as she is able to see how the actions create the ripple. Can you fix years of torturing a fellow classmate in 1 day? Can you repair the hurt you have caused others in 1 day?

I give this book 4/5 stars, the ending was a little flat for me, I was hoping for a resolution or reasoning behind some things, which never came.

As for the movie I give it 2.5/5, the movie didn’t do it for me, changing some things that felt key to me. As well as I felt that their character choices didn’t have as much chemistry as described – often because of poor actors chosen I get it movies are made on a budget. But it definitely still had some very key things in it which I think more people should spend time watching.

How the book effected me:

This book/movie really showed me that I want to make sure that I treat people better. I often spend time seeing the class half empty and this creates a very negative head space for myself which really causes me to spend more time critiquing others. I feel like this habit comes a lot from society and our standards we have been given that so often when others don’t fit our mold we are quick to judge and even quicker to belittle.

Overall I definitely recommend giving this one a read!