Amazon Links

We got 6 of these chairs to fit around our counter height island – love them, easy to clean and very stylish. Have also been holding up so well with the kids! They come in barstool height or counter height!

The Deets

I have never hidden the fact that I purchase items from Amazon, they carry a lot of items that I love. I also love shopping small, and am currently working on a favorite small shops page. So I do my best to support both – its about balance for me, and shopping small is luxury that some of my followers can’t justify.

That being said I have put together a few of my favorite items from Amazon, with links so you can purchase them just by clicking the photo, underneath the photo is a small review! Easy Peasy right? and yes my clicking on these links I will earn a small commission.

We got pot lights from Home depot, an electrical supply store in Aldergrove, and Amazon, the Amazon ones were exactly like the others, and more reasonable priced!
We added a second small sink in our kitchen, and we bought this faucet, It is so similar to our delta faucet in the big sink and 1/4 of the cost! still Love it!
Lots of people asking me about the kids lunch boxes, and I love them, they are easy to pack, easy to clean and great part is they stack nicely in the fridge!
Brooks is a total escape artist, so we purchased these locks that were super easy to install, to ensure his safety.
Carpet Cleaner: Hoover Power dash, hands down, I clean our carpets probably every 2 weeks and I love this one, its reasonably priced, easy to use and works great!

Garden Lights: I recently just shared our new garden lights, they are SO BRIGHT! We did go with the bright white option, but I love how they really brighten the place up at night.
Air Fryer: Hands down love this air fryer, I took to my followers to see what air fryer they had and loved before purchasing and this one was a high contender, I have since told friends and family about it and they love it!
Got these for Pearce’s soccer cleats
and love them! I am so glad
I no longer have to just buy him
velcro, now we have more options!
A friend recommended this door bell camera
and I have NOT been disappointed.
Super clear picture and battery
lasts about 4-5 weeks, takes 2 hrs to charge.
This picture shows large lock n lock Tupperware, great in size for muffins, watermelon and other fruit
Absolutely love these tupperware
fit muffins, get 2 and cut up
a whole watermelon.
Could fit 3 cantaloupe
in 1 they are amazing!
I absolutely love these slippers my feet tend to get hot and these are awesome because they are flip flop slippers so my feet don’t get too hot

This was actually the second
light we tried, the first one we
liked but it didnt end up
working, we found this and
have since installed and
absolutely love
Since we got our vinyl floors,
I needed something that was
quick to use, light, and worked.
Love this little vacuum for that.
It’s also got a dirt buster that comes
off for those small messes.
Absolutely love this vacuum,
especially bcuz I didn’t want to
buy an expensive vacuum or have a top
heavy vacuum.